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Hard Knocks

Starring: Charley Chase
Director: James Parrott
Writers: Unknown
Produced by Hal Roach
Release Date: 2 March 1924 (USA)
Timing: 10:49

Genre: Comedy

Synopsis: Lowly office drone Charley has an assertiveness problem. His co-worker can storm into the boss’ office and come away with a raise, while Charley comes away empty-handed. Worse, Charley is in love with the boss’ daughter. And even though she loves him as well, her pop has another – more loaded – son-in-law in mind. But Charley has the chance to prove himself when he discovers his brave co-worker robbing the office safe one night… now, Charley is all fight and fire, and the sparks fly as Charley seeks to prove himself by saving the boss’ jewels!

Music by Andrew Earle Simpson

Number of players: 4
Scoring: Eb clarinet, Bb clarinet, Eb alto saxophone, Bb bass clarinet, piano, percussion

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