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One of the Family

Starring: Charley Chase
Director: Scott Pembroke
Writers: Unknown
Produced by Hal Roach
Release Date: 27 January 1924 (USA)
Timing: 10:14

Genre: Comedy

Synopsis: Who would be suspicious of a rich woman’s ad for a handsome chauffeur? Not Jimmy Jump, and he gets the job only to find out he’s being paid to make a philandering husband jealous. He’s rescued from this situation by the maid who takes him home to her folks – who are still in the midst of the Irish potato famine but anxious to please this potential new son-in-law.

Music by Maurice Saylor

Number of players: 4
Scoring: Bb clarinet, bass clarinet, alto saxophone, ocarina,
2 melodicas, slide whistle, percussion, piano, and Harmophone.

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