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Goat, The

Keaton in The Goat

Starring: Buster Keaton
Directors: Buster Keaton & Malcolm St. Clair
Writers: Buster Keaton & Malcolm St. Clair
Produced by Joseph M. Schenck
Release Date: 15 May 1921 (USA)
Timing: 23:15

Genre: Comedy

Synopsis: Buster, a nondescript drifter, finally catches people’s attention after he’s mistaken for Dead Shot Dan – a murderer at large. Expect lots of exciting chases but no bleating, can-eating ungulates.

Music by Maurice Saylor

Number of players: 5
Scoring: 2 bass clarinets, contra-alto clarinet, contrabass clarinet, 2 melodicas, 3 harmonicas, guitar, percussion, accordion, toy piano, and piano.

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